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I write books for families of colors. Would you like to know how to find me, on Blurb? If you are a Author on Blurb with me.

1.) If I am an Author on Blurb here with the rest of you Authors. How would you know to find me? I write books for families of colors. Do you know about me? Do I know about you.? If you are a teacher you should know about me, and I should know about you. Yes or No.       

2.) Should we create a Black Authors Lounge to highlight Black Author's who are illustrator's and story teller's on ?

My name is Michelle E. Faulkner: and I write family books from ages 3 to teenage years growing into adulthood. My books will help nurture children, in all Urban communities. This is my mission to help with the necessary healing that needs to take place in America. My books are not a cure all. However, they are a start for families, that are falling.    

3.) Should we promote each Author in each of our Bookstores in order to help promote each other.? I see a benefit in doing this for one another. So if I am a writer who is listed as a teacher, with a Bookstore on as an Author who writes inspirational family books, would you be against helping each other by allowing me, you, to have a link on each others Bookstore to promote each other? Just asking some people are selfish are you?             


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