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Does anyone other than me want words to be highlighted in the spell check feature of Bookwright?

When spell checking in Booksmart, the word is highlighted in the text when it comes up as a possible spelling error. Not the case in Bookwright, so you have to actually read the page to locate the word it's identifying. It makes absolutely no sense. I think the highlighting feature needs to be added to Bookwright. Otherwise, they should just get rid of the spell check in Bookwright altogether because it takes more time to do that than just proofreading the text myself. Luckily, I made my book in Booksmart before I transferred it to Bookwright, so I can spell check it in Booksmart and then manually make the corrections in my Bookwright version. Do other people want this feature added to Bookwright?

Angie Narus

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Yes, highlighting the misspelled words is really needed.


However, unless I'm missing something, the window showing the misspelled words is so small that I cannot read it. If there  is a work around here, I would love to know it, otherwise it makes the spellchecker pretty useless.

Thomas McCabe 1 vote

Agree with both comments above - and see no solutions from Blurb.  But wait - unfortunately, there's more!!!

The BookWright  Spell Check feature appears to rely on its own dictionary, rather than a user nominated one. It has the required "ignore" and "learning" functions, but there is no facility to access / edit / import / replace this underlying dictionary. How do you "unlearn" misspelled words and terms - either from Blurb dictionary out-of-the-box to accommodate regional language issues. or inherited from incorrect user instruction to learn incorrect spellings.

Given these BookWright shortcomings - add to all these, the inability to insert page breaks to take advantage of text flow - my current strategy is to build each page, including character and paragraph formatting, bullets and page numbering, but avoiding any other complex issues not handled by Blurb, all in a decent word processor (eg Open Office or MS Word), then copy/paste each individual page into BookWright.  My current project is a 180 page family history - 50% pics and 50% text - and the frustration of such a huge task has almost broken me!  Perhaps I am missing the point, but these should be mandatory for those of us simply wanting to create books - not design software!  What a pity such an otherwise good app has such glaring deal-breakers!

Given the ubiquity of the free and fully featured Open Office app and its ability to create / edit / import / export the equally universal pdf file format, perhaps Blurb's priority should be to build on your strengths (book creation and printing) rather than attempting to reinvent what is already a most sophisticated and reliable wheel (page building using text and/or graphics).

Scibbler 1 vote

I agree that the spell check should highlight the mis-spelt word.

The spell check function is quite weak compared to what would expect. (I think the one in BookSmart is different and better)


I agree with Scribbler's comments to a large extent.


Jim Robertson 1 vote

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