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Image quality is very bad in online preview but it's ok in Booksmart !??


I've just made a book with Booksmart where I had no problem at all but after I finished the book and ordered it, I saw that the online preview of my book was very bad quality !! But in Booksmart even when I zoom, the quality is ok.

The pictures I imported in Booksmart are JPG 7360x4912 px (I have a Nikon D800), 300 DPI, around 30mo with a B&W argentic filter.

The quality from Booksmart on my computer :  => it is ok
The quality from the preview on the website : => it is very bad

After contacting the support, I reduced the size of the original image from  7360x4912 px to 3588x2400 and the quality was better but it's still not very good compare to the quality in Booksmart. Why is that ?

The quality from the preview on the website after I reduced the original image : => it is not very good

Is somebody has / had this issue ? Is it possible to correct it or it's a bad resampling method from blurb at the upload of the book ?

Or the printed version is ok and it's only the online preview that is bad ?

I printed my pictures (40x50cm) for an exposition 1 month ago and everything was fine !


Thank you.


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Response : the printed version is ok, it's only the online preview that is bad !

nautiljon 0 votes
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I was wondering the same thing. I'm using 15 megs images and they look terrible and grainy in the book preview. I'm crossing my fingers :)

Frédéric Bisson 0 votes
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We had the same problem: looked okay until we got the trade book version in hand, hard copy. I guess that the number of pixels is just not enough, and the paper quality not good enough--tht's why is it cheap!  

 The printed typeface itself however was nice and dark. Very readable in 10 pt.  

 We decided to do 10 copies for family in picture book with paper of top archival quality, larger layout for the sake of the photos.

The rest of the copies we will do in trade book for the content.

Susan Bergman De Vries 0 votes
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