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Which book type would you recommend for poetry?


I'm looking to publish a book for poetry written by my husband's grandmother. The poems range in length and I would like to include photos of her as well. Does anyone have a recommendation of using a photo book or a trade book? Some of the poems are quite long (like a double-spaced page on a Word Doc) but they are the central focus on the project. I anticipate needing 80 to 100 pages. 



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Hi Ashely. For a more traditionally-sized poetry book printed on uncoated paper, check out our Trade books. If you want to include photos with those poems I'd suggest our "standard color" paper as that will give the best image reproduction out of all our Trade book paper options. Trade books are also less expensive than our photo paper books.

If you want a *coated* paper with a bit of gloss to it, you could choose one of our photo paper books, which are great for both photos and text. Since your main focus is the poetry itself though, I think the Trade books would serve you well.

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