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Can't Import Book into BookSmart

My wife spent ages creating a book in BookSmart. Unfortunately her laptop broke. Luckily I was able to
take out her hard drive & install it in my PC. As such I was able to copy the complete BookSmart
Directory for her book onto my PC's hard drive. This includes al the photos used in the book, the Book
file itself,(florida 2004 2006, & even the backup copy she created in BookSmart (florida
2004 2006 2012.backup).

However, when I try to import her book into SmartBook I get the following message:-
"This file does not appear to be exported from BookSmart xport"

I have even tried renaming either file with the extension bookexport, & also rebooting the PC. Still the
same message appears.

Please help as this is most annoying, especially when my wife made regular back ups of her book in
BookSmart. I have attached both the book & backup files


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I'm with you! Ive sat down tonight after some years to get back into books and I cant open anything!

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Hi Spencerarts. The .book and .backup files are not designed to be opened via the import feature, which is why you're having trouble. Please contact customer support for help. 

I'm going to close this thread as it's a technical issue that cannot be resolved in the forums.

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