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How to import more RTF text files

I'm getting this error message:


Unable to add additional text files.

You have reached the limit for number of RTF text files that can be added to this project. Please delete previously added files in order to add this file.


When I go to delete a file, I get this warning:

The following text file(s) are used in this book, please delete all the text content from the book before deleting this file from the book.


I don't understand what this means and what might happen in my book.


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I e-mailed padraic at Blurb Technical Support and got the following response:

"At this time BookWright has a hard limit of 50 files for the RTF importer though we are raising that limit in a future release of BookWright. Page breaks should be recognized by the software though (I have just tested this within BookWright on my own PC). Can you please condense the rest of your RTF files into a single document, separated by page breaks and try importing this last RTF file until this has been addressed in an update?"

Hope this helps.

DebSchiro 0 votes

My text was created in Pages. How do I turn it into a RTF when I don't see that as an export option? Can someone help me? 

Brenda Nutter 0 votes

This has just happened to me too and I have at least 16 more rtf files to include.

How soon will you be able to fix this? I'm desperate.....

Jinti 0 votes

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