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Cover changes in Bookify

[intended to post this to the "Suggestions and Feature Requests" section, but didn't find the way]

Do you know that if i change the cover type of a book created in Bookify just before placing the order, that cover will be ruined, misaligned? I've made my first Bookify book with an ImageWrap cover in my mind, previewed, checked, found it good, taking the order but because of the price I changed my decision and choosen the Softcover option. When received the book I was shocked by the ugliness of both covers: misaligned, asymmetrical. After checking the book in Bookify i see that is caused that the 3 types of cover needs different alignment. This is not just a slight difference, but a huge one! If this is not an error but the intented behaviour of the application you must warn the user right at the beginning of the book building process and inform us that after finishing the book we can't change the type of the cover. Without this warning it is a bad trap.

Later the support wrote to me that this is intentional. OK, great, but it's completely hidden both from the author and the customer. If somebody would like to buy my book, he/she will see a preview and this preview shows perfectly aligned elements on the cover. On the page where the customer choose the cover type, he/she can select all the three options (softcover, dustjacket, imagewrap) and the preview doesn't change, but the customer will receive corrupted books in case he/she chosen cover types different from the one I (the author) selected during creation. But this behaviour is hidden from the author also, because in Bookify there is no any warning about this. There must be a popup window when the author change the type on the cover and at the ordering stage only the applied cover option should be active (and the other two must be disabled) avoiding meaningless orders and unsatisfied customers.

Now i know what i must know, but a newcomer will make the same mistake and maybe i will again if it will not come into my mind at the right point.

Oh, and another issue related to this. When created a book in Bookify with the softcover option, closing the window and later going back to continue the work i see that the imagewrap option is selected so the cover is ruined. And it is tricky because Bookify started with the first page, not the cover so the cover problem is somehow hidden. You should fix it as soon as possible.

Cover created as Softcover.png
Cover changed to Dustjacket.png
Cover changed to Imagewrap.png
András Király

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