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Creating a book for personal use only


I've written a book that I do not want to sell. All I want to do is create a hard cover book and have it mailed to me. I don't want an electronic version of the book. I just want to share the book with friends and family. Can I do that here? I'm not interested in any of the site's services that deal with marketing the book online, generating revenue, etc. 


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Yes, that's exactly what I've been doing. You have the option of selling it but you are not at all required to do so. You go through the entire process of building the book, uploading, etc. You just don't make it available for sale to the public. Once it is all done, you can order your own copies and have them shipped to you. You can also send a link (this will be obvious once the book is ready) to family and friends so they can order (and pay for) their own copies.

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Just to expnd on this for my sake - If I wanted to design a fixed layout ebook solely for personal use and not sell it - is that also do able? And if I updated this ebook over time, do I have to pay the 10$ publishing fee everytime? how does that work when creating a personal fixed layout ebooks not for sale that is an expanding project and not just a one time publish project?

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Is it possible to do this, but NOT assign an ISBN?

The danger is that an agent will look up the ISBN, see 5 sales, and pass without ever reading, even if this book is a different subject (author name).


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