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BookWright - Suggestions Wanted, Updates..

Often avoided Blurb for reasons of my own, but generally the lack of a feature or two. However, I need a book with 200+ pages, so here I am... BookWright and Smart, are still lacking things though.. but the Wright approach I like.. so, here are a few thoughts of things needed, guessing this has been done before  ?


  • Backgrounds.

Nice feature of being able to set background but seriously lacks any power. Allowing the ability to set backgrounds for Pages X to Y would be a simple addition and allow for variations across chapters, days, locations etc.

How about some samples ?

An idea of suggested size and resolution here would be handy too, rather than elsewhere.


  • Layouts

The ability to select one and delete it. Layouts can become cluttered too easily.


  • Photos

The ability to organise better, create folders etc. Meta tags and more..

The ability to FADE any image used on a page.

Rotation of images

Framing of images, width and colour choice.


I think the list could go on and on, but this would help me as a basic requirement for the software. There are workarounds I'm aware of, but it's time consuming and lets face it, if it can be done and offered elsewhere... then we'll likely be elsewhere. Let's make this happen and be nowhere else..

Feel free to add more...


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I would like to second the "delete layouts" suggestion.  Or at least let me "over-right" a layout with a new version with the same name.

Andrew Diseker 0 votes

Or how about letting me edit a comment!  I meant "over-write" above.

Andrew Diseker 0 votes

I would love to be able to select a background per page. One size fits all doesn't really do it for me :-)

oliverilli 0 votes

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