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In Bookwright, why don't the ruler guides match up with the size of photo or text frames?

The ruler guides in Bookwright do not seem to match the indicated sizes of objects. I created a text box and dragged it so that it covered one page exactly. When I looked at the indicated dimensions of the text box it said that it was 12.84 by 11 inches (which is larger than the book is supposed to be). How is this possible when the rulers indicate that a page is 9 5/8 inch x 8 1/4 inch.?


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I am noticing the same thing in my large landscape book... the dimensions of the photo container I create does not match up with the ruler guides nor the size of the book!  Could someone from Blurb please address this issue/error?

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The same for me. I am designing a 25x20cm and the ruler shows a different size!

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I have just downloaded Bookright and it’s not all right at all!


I had the old version of this about two years ago and published a book - it worked just fine.  I have just started another book with the new version and after an hour and a half of frustration have given up and will look for another company.  Will look to see if the old one is still available first.



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