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About the visitors meter

Hello. A few years ago there was a meter that read how many visitors entered the store site. I recently looked around and that part of the meter is gone after the new section meters came in. What happened to the visitor's meter section? I always looked forward to seeing how many people entered the site. It was fun, because I kept seeing all the graphs of people coming in. Mine was always full. It always had all these green graphs. I kept track of how many books were being looked at. I miss this feature. Will you all be bringing this back in the future?

Norma Padro

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Thanks so much for your reply. I looked at the link and am very pleased to learn that they may bring it back in the future. I also thought it was one of those features that made it easy to learn how many people visited the site to look at the books monthly and daily. It was always a thrill to see this lit up like it did. Again thanks for your reply. Have a great day. :-)

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