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Bookwright or Booksmart - How to decide?

I did a book some time ago using Booksmart. Finally getting around to doing another one, and this time see that there is an additional tool - Bookwright. What should I look at to decide which tool to use?


Ewan Grantham

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I am new here, and after looking at both applications trying to decide where to begin, it seems to me that the older software (Booksmart) has a much better user interface than does the newer Bookwright.   I hope they are working on improving that because I would like to create using the less expensive printing methods only available under Bookwright !!  Tech support wasn't much help when I called in.   I mean, no one would pay $60 for a 200 page cookbook if I finish it up in Booksmart LOL.  

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I switched to Bookwright for the book I'm working on now, after several books with Booksmart.  My opinion is Bookwright isn't ready for prime time.  I've experienced several problems importing pictures, the user interface and tools are much more oriented toward customization (instead of working with a number of good templates in Booksmart), and the alignment features (to easily align text/photo boxes) often seem to work only when they want to work.  The whole app still feels a bit buggy.  I would strongly recommend sticking with Booksmart.  Unless you're really into building the book completely from scratch, it's a much better tool.

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