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Using booksmart books in bookwright

Can I use books created in booksmart in bookwright?


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does bookwright have the same features or is it a different program from booksmart.

fenty 0 votes

I just started using Bookwright and I can tell you it's quite different from Booksmart. I like some of the features of Booksmart better, but Bookwright offers some things Booksmart doesn't offer. I think the only way to compare them is to download Bookwright and spend some time on it.  You can start from scratch or have Blurb convert your Booksmart book into Bookwright, and still keep your Booksmart book on your computer and in your Blurb bookstore.

Angie Narus 0 votes

I'd actually like to go export from bookwright into booksmart.  While I like most features of bookwright and it is easier in most respects, the fact that there isn't a photo border option necessitates I need booksmart.  Any ideas on how to do this?

mvthomp 0 votes

Hi mvthomp. While it's possible to open an uploaded BookSmart book in BookWright, it's not possible to open a BookWright book in BookSmart and I haven't heard of any plans to make that an option.  

BookWright doesn't currently allow you to add borders to your images but that is something we're considering. I don't know if or when it will become available though.

If you want to add a border around an image you can do so using an image editing program or google "add border to photo" for some options. 

I am going to close this thread as the original concern has been answered.

Michael Y. 0 votes

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