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I am so happy

I am so delighted with the services offered by Blurb, I just wanted to share.

I have been doing a study for 2 and a half years on Equine Thermography and while the images produced show up brilliantly on computer I have been battling to produce anything vaguely reasonable in printed format. I found Blurb and wasn't particularly hopeful so decided to print a little trial book to see the quality of the images. When my order arrived I was stunned by the results, the images were fantastic and well above and beyond my expectations.

I have gone ahead and produced my book in both French and English and was on google this morning and decided to see what if anything my competition were up to and the great news is my book comes up at the top of the first page of search in both French and English.

So this is just to say a big thank you to Blurb I really am delighted with the service you provide.


Carol-Ann Smith van Blerk

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Thanks for sharing your experience, Carol-Ann! Glad to hear that you are delighted with the book. 


Michael/Blurb Customer Support

Michael Y. 0 votes

I was very disappointed with my order 3987565 from Blurb.  I submitted the book to Blurb using their app Book Creator for Adobe's InDesign CS6.  All of my text and images were safely inside the magenta colored margin/safe art boundary as shown on the attached screen shot.  Blur delivered the book shown in the next image with a bottom page margin less than 3/16" compared to 1/4" for the magenta colored margin.  I requested a refund, and am getting waffle.  This is very frustrating.  James

jamesbprice 0 votes

Great service! I had a problem with an order, I submitted a request. The request was answered in no time and I received a refund for the two books that were ruined, despite the fact that an oversight on my part was involved. Very fair. Generally the products designed with blurb are superb. Thank you, Tia!

Dieter Kuhn 0 votes

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