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Can I have two books open at the same time?

I started a book on a particular subject then I started another book on the same subject.  But I want to move some of the work from the first book to the second.  Can I have both books open together so I can do this? 

John Mayfield

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I have finished the entire layout of my 6x9 trade book and just realized I can't change the size to an 8x10.  Because of the amount of pictures I am using, I would prefer this bigger size now.  Since booksmart won't allow this, I'd like to start a new 8x10 book and have my 6x9 book open at the same time, so I can copy and paste the info over.  Please let us know if this can be done??

AmyJBoebel 0 votes

I am having the same problem as Amy, above. Can i have two books open at the same time? I am trying to transfer words from one to the other. Surely you can copy and paste words between books? Please say yes. 

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