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how to save my book in book smart

how do I save my book in Blurb Book Smart



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I have much of my book finished and I am worried about something happening to it - I have too much time invested to lose it.  Should I use "save as"  to have a second copy of the book?

Totems 1 vote

I, too, would like an answer to this question. Saving a book in BookSmart is a farce. If you click 'save' you get the message that BookSmart automatically saves your book; no choices there. If I save it as an Export on April 19th and reopen it In May it is a carbon copy of my current book, not the book as of April 19th. I am so frustrated. Hundreds of hours are lost by not having a 'save as' feature in my opinion. If you want to know how you structured a page or want to check the text before changes were made it is not possible. Every letter I type scares the heck out of me, I'm so afraid my book will crash, it has many times. 

je1942 1 vote

I went online today as I too find the "save" situation precarious. I am an experienced user of my desktop MAC, and do not lose any material except with Blurb! i have tried various methods...of course, "save as" in documents, just "Save" "Ctrl Save" after every sentence, etc. Nothing really works, for every day when I bring up the icon from my desktop, (as I am afraid to close out my work), some writing or hard sought pictures are lost. Really!!! This is incredibly poor service when you are trying to make progress and really care about what you are doing. BLURB.........FIX THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy Lee Getman 1 vote

Having this issue as well, and it's 2017! I've already put time in formatting the photo book, and there is NOT a save option! I thought it would be so easy peasy! 

Extremely poor service --- Has anyone found a resolution to this issue?!

Otherwise, I'll search for another source to develop my book. 

SHAME SHAME on Blurb!!!

DeeDee Maguire 0 votes

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