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Can I slurp a large blog into BookSmart WITHOUT page breaks between posts?

What I am looking for might not be needed by many bloggers

But I have a few large blogs... >1000 posts... and I would like to turn them into books


When I slurp them into BookSmart, there is a page break between each post

And some of the posts are very short text

It turns into a book that starts with thousands of pages


I know that with MANY hours of cutting and pasting, I can condense the posts

But it would be MUCH easier if I could slurp the blog into Booksmart with the option to NOT include page breaks between posts

And then flow the text of the posts myself to fit the format


I have found that some of the competitors to Blurb allows this, but the format options for the competitors are far inferior to BookSmart

Does anyone else have a need for this simple function change to slurping?




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I am having the same problem and wondered if you found a solution to this problem?  Thanks!

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Thank you so much for getting back to me, will check out the info you sent.  Thank you!

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