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Where do I find my referral credit?

I referred a friend a few months ago and they've just had their book printed, they claimed the referral from me of £15.

How do I find my £15 credit for me referring them?

I may do another book using this credit as part-payment

Pam and Frank Bryant

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I have also had this problem - the referral credit never appeared.  I emailed back and forth with a Blurb Support representative and she said she added the credit to my account, however, it is still not there.  She gave me an email to NextBee to ask, because she said they handle the credits.  I have yet to hear back.

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The whole formatting of Blurb home page has changed.  I have referred several friends and to this date, have never received credit.  It's a bit frustrating because I'm a walking advertisement of Blurb. However, this is making me a bit sour.  Also, I can't seem to find how to refer a friend.  I've searched and you have to go to two-tiered links and sign up with an affiliate program. Duh?

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