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InDesign page counts incorrect at upload

Very strange behavior - I created a project with 40 initial pages with the InDesign plug-in, and created additional pages (I ended up with 90), but when I tried to create the cover, it said I had the incorrect number of pages and I had to create a new book.

The "You can add and delete pages later." doesn't seem correct, unless I was adding pages incorrectly in InDesign?

I did note that when I'm in InDesign and I go to Layout --> Pages --> Add Page that it doesn't include the grey background,  but the template still looks valid.

Anyone else experience this?


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Hi- This is because you created the cover prior to the final page count (there is a notification of this when first creating the cover). If you did not wait to create the cover template until the final page count was known you can do the following to correct the problem.

  1. Create a new project within the plug-in with all the correct book details (final page count etc).
  2. Re-link the original pages file (by clicking the small chain icon in step 3 within the plug-in).
  3. Create a new cover template and copy/paste from the originally designed cover into this newly created cover template.
  4. Verify cover content is in place and make any necessary adjustments.
  5. Proceed to upload.

Hope this helps.


Craig 1 vote

I have a same problem and I did not create cover template at the beginning. Originally I created the book  with 120 pages, finished book has now 148 pages. When I try to change pages in book creator dialog box to this new number, after creating cover thae page count is back to 120. Tried several times, deleted the cover page, unlinked - same result. Can not change page count.

Milan Podsedly 0 votes

I'm having the same issue too. Relinking the file doesn't work, I guess it must be some sort of bug. I communicated with support about it and their solution was to upload a pdf rather than using the indesign plugin. 

to1185 0 votes

Actually, I just discovered a weird thing. After having the same issue, I decided to upload my book as a pdf. My InDesign doc had 114 pages, but when I opened the exported pdf up in Adobe Acrobat, it showed up as having 122 pages. This isn't divisible by 6 so when I tried to upload it, Blurb alerted me to the incorrect page count. I deleted 2 blank pages, re-exported the file, and it uploaded fine.

I don't know why there is a discrepancy in page count between InDesign and my pdf in Adobe Acrobat, but I'm assuming the Blurb InDesign plugin is using a page count based on the Acrobat number. So if you export your doc as a pdf to test how many pages the plugin will actually end up reading, try using that number in the Blurb plugin and it might work.

Now I'm just worried the dimensions I used for my cover will be off because Adobe considers it a higher page count than InDesign.

to1185 0 votes

I've done exactly as Craig from Blurb instructed and it still doesn't work.  The correct number of pages should be 116, which I enter in the form.  It starts to preflight and comes pack with an error message saying the number of pages must be divisible by 2.....and then shows the number of pages is 117.

I've sent four requests into blurb to help with the issue... I got an initial response...and now nothing for two weeks even though I keep sending requests for help along with the case number.  I have always been delighted with Blurb...put not at this point.  Very frustrating.  


Allan Crawford 0 votes

So since folks are having issues I looked back at my directory of files, and it looks like I did the following:

  • The cover (back and front) are separate from the contents pages. I have a separate indesign/pdf file for the front and back cover, which is one large page that wraps from front to back.
  • The interior contents have an even number of pages. I ended up with 90. These do not include the cover(s).
andriusb 0 votes

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