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BookSmart Deleting Published Projects

Before I get into this ... I am an advanced user and am very deliberate on where things get saved.

I'm in the process of creating chronological photo books/albums for the thousands of random and not-so-random images I've taken since purchasing my first digital camera in 2000 ... a very long and daunting project! I created, published and received my first four books in December all are great. After receiving them I noticed that the font size decreased on every project since the first one ... strange, considering I created a template from the first book and have used it for every project since. So I opened up BookSmart to reference the size from my first book of the series to fix it in the unpublished projects. To my surprise, all of the published book projects seem to have absolutely vanished from my machine. The only projects that remain are the two unfinished/unpublished projects. I've created several books prior to this on the same machine ... all of those projects have vanished as well. I'm not overly concerned since I have a finished book for those projects, but in the event I need to fix something at a later date ... it looks as though I must redo the entire project? 

Again, I am very deliberate where things get saved. I have checked the default folder and any other obvious location they could be. But they are gone as far as I can tell.


Jason Anderson

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