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Does anyone miss the Penguin Classic format? 41/4"x7"

We have all grown up reading the classics from the standard paperback format, like Penguin Classics, of 41/4"x7". From poetry anthologies to "War and Peace" and even trashy pulp novels. I recently did a little collaboration of poems and photos and found it very frustrating that there was not this smaller standard size. I think there is something very human and personal about that scale. It's one on one, the book and the reader. Its something I think publishers figured out a long time ago and it has proved its mettle. There is the small square format that is perfect for Instagram's considering how low res the files are. But in respect to keeping the idea of 'hard copy' alive the 41/4x7 tradition is well worth maintaining, don't you think?

Keith D. Kurman

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