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Anyone notice when you do softproofing using the blurb profile your image seems to get a white film over it?

So my image is great on screen and I know all about soft proofing, color management, profiles etc etc but when I click preview on the soft proofing using the blurb profile my image gets a white ish film over it if you know what I mean. Even in the tutorial blurb supply the instructors image gets the same white film over it but he just says adjust it and doesn't mention the film over his image. This is the short soft proof tutorial on the book smart page.Problem on top of that is no amount of adjusting fixes this "film" over my image so I really wanted to know if anyone else notices this, what you did about it, or does it not matter and your printed book was awesome.


I look forward to any answers you can give me and yes I have spoke with Blurb support but I am not getting very far as they say adjust the image.


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