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Page numbering on full text/image page

What I am often doing is having only text on a page... could be a small amount or could be whole page worth... placed however I want on the page.

As far as I can figure out, I have to use the whole page text layout for that.  The last one offered on Text Layouts.

But then a page number will not show up on it since it's also an image layout.  ("Footers can not be superimposed over an image, so layouts with image containers flush to the edge will not have this option.")

How in the world can I have whatever text I want on a page AND have a page number on it?  Is it impossible?  Any advice, please?

N Lindqvist

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Hi libbyvick!

I learned the very easy answer to this, the hard way!  All you have to do is click on Edit Layout and move the boxes around (and perhaps add a footer box) so that there's room for a footer at the bottom.  I guess I missed that in the beginning instructions and after making some 30+ books, I finally got it!!  In fact, I do Edit Layout on nearly every page now!  Make sense?  Try it.  Have the page you're talking about 'active' and hit Edit Layout.  You can then add an Image Box or a Text Box or a Header or Footer.  Good luck!

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