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How in the world do I find the file menu? It never shows up so I can export my project.

I had a computer crash so just want to export by project before downloading the new version of BookSmart.


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It is now March 25th and this question has not been answered.  0 out of 10 for customer support!

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@marilynsmith The file menu should be in the upper left hand corner after starting BookSmart and opening a project. If you are still having trouble finding this, please contact our support team directly

@anniepeel Our forums are designed to act as a meeting ground for authors to discuss issues with each other and post suggestions or feedback for Blurb as a company. They aren't designed to be used for support inquiries that require an employee of Blurb to address. If you are having issues finding the file menu within BookSmart or any other technical issue, we urge you to please contact our support team directly rather than post to our forums to other authors.

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