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Children's book illustrations

HI - I am currently looking for an illustrator for my children's book.  Is there a certain size or format the illustrator needs to use?  What type of format should the illustrator send the pictures to me in?  I am not the most technical person and I'm just worried about spending several hundred pounds on illustrations and I won't be able to use them.  And once I receive the illustrations is it a case of using one of the templates and inserting the illustrations and entering the text?  Or can the text be built in to the illustration - which is actually the preferred look I am going for.   Any  help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


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Hello:   I am in the same position - would like to know whether water colors or acrylics more suitable for reproduction....otherwise same questions as

K1ttycat on Feb 20th....looking for speedy response as text is ready to go.


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If you are not the most technical person, this might be a steep learning curve ahead. Illustrations are normally done on paper (or some other suitable medium) and later scanned. They can also be done directly on a computer. Either way, you need at least 300dpi resolution for it to print properly. Add to that color management, basic understanding of page layout, bleed allowances, etc. It’s a lot to learn for one single book. It can be done but the amount of time to get it right will depend on how quickly you can learn all this.

 If the illustrator you find has done this before, he or she will know all this and may know who can help you produce the book. 

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Hi, I am in the same position as above. I might be able to get my cousin to illustrate my book for me as she is a great artist, but I am not sure what format she should do this in or what she should use and how I then get the pictures onto my book. Also can I send her my book so far so she has the text to work with? Thanks

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