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instagram to do them quickly??

I mean...I have more than 1000 picture from 2013. I would love to print one "picture a day" book but how can I choose the pictures I want to include in a quick way?

Thanks  a lot in advance for any tips....


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The dumb thing is, you can only make instagram books (i.e pull images directly from instagram account) using their online bookify tool but only in maximum 240pages & 500photos.

Booksmart software gives you more pages but it doesn't pull images from instagram.

I have about 4000 photos on instagram that I really want to make a thick photobook of. I guess that's not gonna work here.

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I had almost 1000 pics and it would not upload them properly so I went on (free) and downloaded ALL of my instagram pics. I'm not going to sort through them, delete the ones I don't want and then create my 500 image book. I can't seem to find any other company who will print more than 500 images for an instagram book so I think this will be my best bet. If you think about it, a book with 1000 images is a bit overkill. So I'm happy with 500 and Blurb books are awesome!

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