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How about 8.5 x 11 book size options, and a glossy, padded book cover option?

Shutterfly has these two options, which makes for a great coffee table book.  8x10 is too small, and the next option is much too large.  In addition, a padded, glossy cover makes high end photography images really "pop" as a first impression of the book.  I feel I could sell many more of my books with these two options, and not have to resort to buying them myself through Shutterfly and then re-selling them.  Please Blurb!?  :)  Thanks!

Robert Powell

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Forget the padded cover, how about just a GLOSSY COVER?  I ordered the matte IMAGEWRAP and it really sucks.  It's not pretty and colors are way muted.  I don't understand why blurb is so far behind on a simple request.  Why does blurb not offer a hard GLOSSY IMAGEWRAP?  The dust jackets are fine but the jackets get torn and quite frankly just don't stand the test of time.  PLEASE OFFER THIS FEATURE!!!!! is it so much to ask?

Alicia Hayes 0 votes

We need 8.5 x 11 landscape.  It's very close to what you offer, but not available.  Please Blurb.  We have to look elsewhere.   Thanks!




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