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Is there a way to change the layout for all pages at once?

I used auto create to fill my book of 200+ pages from instagram.  It only gave me 4 design layouts.  It didn't offer the layout I want for all my pages.  Once it created the book, I could go in and individually change the layout for each page; but I am sure there is a way to do it for all, but I can't figure out how.  Thanks!


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Somehow I have the same page layout on all my pages in the book.  I would like to delete that, so I can layout each page individually.  How do delete the layout that now shows on each page.

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I used the auto creation tool to create a photo book. It gives me 1 picture per page. But I would like to have 2 pictures per page and apply this format to the whole book. But how?


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I just tried to change the PAGE LAYOUT for a few pages (after many tries...). 

You would need to click SELECT (for example Page 2) + SHIFT + SELECT (Page 10). 

Double click the Design Layout you want. 

Book Wright will say "Not Responding", but after a long while... it DID change all the page layout. 

I guess it depends how many pages and how fast your computer can work. 

I wouldn't change 200 pages all at one time.  It may be safer to change just 10 to 20 pages at a time. 

Hope this helps.  :)


Vivian Lee 2 votes

All you need to do is select all the pages you want to change from the scroll of pages at the bottom of the screen and:

To change all pages:  hold shift then press A, then select the Picture Layout option you want (will take some time if you are changing more than 20 at a time)


To change individual pages: ctrl and then click individual pages, then select the Page Layout option you want


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I placed my text (31 page) and now want to add pictures. I want the text to flow around the pictures but it just adds the pictures on top of the text. Can I add photos and the text reset around them?

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@Book2010, to do that in BookWright, you would have to resize the photo container so it takes up just part of the page width, then add a text container beside it. Alternatively, you could resize the existing text container and move it up beside the photo container, but then you would probably want to add another text container below that. You will have to re-flow the text to use the new container. Linking the containers after they already have text is an issue, so if you can create this page configuration and save it in My Layouts, you could likely just use that to update the layout of that particular page: select the page and double-click your new layout from My Layouts, or drag and drop it on the page.

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