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Manually enter page layout box dimensions

When I'm editing a picture layout with Book Smart, I'm aware that I can change the size of a box by dragging the corners. However, there are times where I want image boxes to be consistent (I'm also aware of duplicate), or create a specific size.

However, it would be nice to have the ability to manually enter in the dimensions for the box - as you do in Adobe Illustrator - and not sit there dragging the box to get the 100ths numbers to match. Very tedious and slow.

Chris Arndt

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I know that when you are in the "Edit Layout" option you can create an image or text box, then "duplicate" to get the exact same size box. Then you drag it to wherever you want.  This option is in the bar on the top.  What I don't know is how you can then line the boxes up perfectly with same spacing in between without doing it manually-also tedious!

suzcecchin 0 votes

I find it very frustrating trying to align multiple images boxes in Edit Layout".  I'm used to using drawing programs which have a grid snap facility, which is user controlled, but has the facility to line up borders accurately.  Would be a good extension to BookSmart.

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