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Is it better to use DNG files or JPG files in the LR5 Book Module when making a Blurb Book?

When I made my first Blurb book I used  JPG files that I had created from LR4 and LR5.  The book came out pretty good, but I think it could be better.  Looking at some of the Blurb videos it looks like I can import the DNG files that I have completed my  LR5 post processing with directly into the book module.  Is it better to just use the DNG file and let Blurb do their processing or should I bring in "finished" JPGs for my book.

Thanks, John


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I would like to know how to get the best resolution in my finished product.

Ian DeBoos 0 votes

I was pleased with my first and only Blurb book so far but the DNGs from LR5 took a long time to load. I am happy to convert them to JPGs to speed the loading but is this advisable? I agree with John, rustycycle and IanDeBoos that an answer or comment from someone who knows would be useful and interesting. Meantime I will keep loading the DNGs.

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