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How do I delete a photo in the book and have it back in the library for use later in the book?

I want to take a  photo I have used and "un-use" it for now. I would like it to go back in the library for use later. How do I do that?


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I have this question too. I have just put a 168 photos into my book using Autofill, only to discover that they are in the wrong order. How do I remove them? I realise I'm going to have to add them manually.

I realise I can "overwrite" the photos, by dragging photo A to cover Photo B in the layout. Then Photo A is removed from the book, but not from my library.

But what if I want **no** photo in that image holder? How do I remove the photo that is in the image holder?

Jane Northcote 1 vote

I've always moved photos around, by first selecting View of Unused Photos Only, using BookSmart.
I highlight the photo I'm interested in, delete it, then see it pop up in Unused Photos.
Then drag and drop it into the new position. 
Now it doesn't work, all the photos I've deleted are not visible in Unused Photos.  It's empty.
I'm stuck here.

Kevin Break 1 vote

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