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E-Book cover visiblity

My e-book appeared in IBooks  on the IPad and showed the cover on the shelf.

However, when I went to look at the entire book the cover is not repeated again thereby leaving a gap in continuity of actually reading/viewing a book.

My suggestion is to keep the cover on the shelf, but repeat it again so the viewer feels as if he/she is reading a real book. The image of the cover will also appear larger then it does on the shelf.

The back cover is shown, but that is because it is not on the shelf.

Lynne R. Cashman

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E-books are here and with the growing popularity of IPads this glitch should be fixed.

Lynne R. Cashman 0 votes
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Previous e-books that I created and downloaded show the cover.  The one I converted today and downloaded is not showing the cover when viewing the book.  Help - I really want the cover to show!

tracylindy 0 votes
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