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going forward… suggestions

I made my first book before Blurb, when it was only Lulu. I've made quite a few books now. What is important to me is that they are special. Blurb so far has gone mass market. Would you care to hear what another market wants?

I'm an artist, i want to make books that i can sell in very limited numbers for a high price. I need better printing (VioVio has 7 colour), i need linen covers (viovio and my publisher does this in various colours), i want a slipcase (myPublisher does this),i need beautiful paper (blurb and viovio do this)

I like your bookshop but it's overwhelming and my books are lost. there is no way of rating books or ranking them in how many sold to different people… All these things you can do… some straight away… clamshell boxes are a great idea, make a standard size… 


Garrie Maguire

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Thank you for info about various companies. I will look through them to try and find someone who goes beyond iOS platform.

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