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Can you use a custom font in BookSmart?

If I were to download an addition font, would I be able to use it in BookSmart and have it printed as such?


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BookSmart can use almost any font installed on your computer. There are only a small number of typefaces which the program either can't load or can't display properly.

The one major caveat is that currently, the text engine ONLY supports text that runs Left to right. If you attempt to enter text that runs right to left (such as Hebrew or Arabic) either by typing them directly or via copy and paste, BookSmart will either crash, or display the text incorrectly.

If after restarting BookSmart, a font still fails to appear in the pulldown menu in BookSmart, or if Preview Mode is displaying your text in a jagged or otherwise incorrect fashion, we recommend that you use a different font. (Alternatively, if you are proficient in InDesign and own the software you can try our InDesign/PDF to Book workflow)

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A font that is installed on my computer is not showing up in the BookSmart pulldown menu.  Is there something I need to do in order to be able to use it in BookSmart?

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