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Anyone know how to flag duplicate images in a book?

I know I can set my library to show Used Photos but it seems logical that there would be some kind of dupe detection in the actual book itself.  Just wanting to save a bit of time.

Thanks for your help! :)


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No such luck.

When you import a photo into BookSmart it allocates it a unique name rather than using the name of your original file. So if you import the same photo again it will be given another unique name. So in BookSmart's terms there can be no duplicates.

Initially sounds daft but if you are using photos from multiple sources (such as different family members) you could well get (say) three quite different photos each named Dad-001.jpg


Tony Frankland 0 votes

Thanks Tony.  I get that, but do you know if there's a way to flag it in the actual book itself.  i have a large book and lots of pics and it'd be helpful to be able to turn on a duplicated flag to tell me that I've already used a photo. :)

hastemyster 0 votes

When adding an image from your picture library to your pages, BookSmart will display a green check mark on the image in your library if it has been used previously within the book.

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