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Easy sizing, rotating, and placing of photo and text blocks

Currently it is impossible to adjust the size and shape of text and photo blocks (cells) in Blurb within Lightroom 5. In BookSmart this can be done, but it is a cumbersome procedure. A model of tool for composing pages is offered by Snapfish. It enables quick and easy sizing and rotating of images and text via simple click and drag. Moreover, the user is not limited by the templates that Snapfish provides. You can simple drop as many photos as you want onto a page, size them,  move them around, as well as overlap images. This is an extremely flexible online program. In using Blurb I am restricted to its templates that often force me to compromise on how I would like my photos displayed on the page.

The quality of the Blurb book is superior to Snapfish and its immediate competitors. If only I could find a service that produces high quality printed copies with easy and flexibility of composition. Blurb could be that service.

Ron Abeles

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Resizing is also my issue; i need to go for my 12x12 book from a bleed 2 pg 12x24 down to a 4x5", how do i do that quick and easy, what guide is there?

Peter C. Brandt 0 votes

In principle I'll go with the setting up of fixed page layouts to suite the theme of the book and then drop my pictures in as desired, but I want to create my own page layouts (as indeed you can with Booksmart). The limited layouts on offer in Lightroom simply don't cut it. The result - I have to export my pics out of Lightroom and then use A.N Other book publishing package to make up my book and upload it, etc. Shame really, it's a MASSIVE missed opportunity (and a lot of extra work to get a photo book out of Lightroom).

Crusoe 0 votes

I agree 100% with rona529.

I don't understand why Blurb doesn't develop a simple drag, drop and resize system to compose a page (without going through the heavy process of the page builder). I know a lot of other book editor (even a very little French one) who have such a software. 

Jérémie NOEL 0 votes

free sizing , palcing and overlap is also  what I want! it is possible in the print module of lightroom (but no text!) , and in the  tool of blurb!!

please , give us this opportunity...

mbrisson 0 votes

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