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Freezing caused by loading a lot of photos

 The programme froze when  it loaded  my entire collection of p[hotos  -92,000 !, and then it would not allow me to delete them, and then it crashed . I have tried logging out and shutting down several times with no effect 


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me too..... help, help, help.  I have only 2 pages left of an 80 or so page book that I have been working on for many months.  I have exactly the same problem as outlined above.  I did not set out to load all my photos - it just did it and is now freezing.  PLEASE answer this asap as I'm getting frantic. as above, I cannot delete them and have tried shutting down several times.  I managed to save it, but when I went into the blurb site via internet (i.e. where I am at now) it didn't show the current book I am working on, only the 2 I have finished in years past.  PLEASE get back to me.

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