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Once again I have to ask how to set the price on my latest book. Blurb does a great job except for this. I just keep going round and round and never finfing the place to do it on line. Please help and please talk to me like I'm an idiot. Walk me through i

I can't find out how to set a price for my book .



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  • Go to the Blurb home page.  Make sure you sign in.
  • Select My Projects and Account (top right)
  • Select your book (click on the cover)
  • Scrolls down the resultant page and you will see three tabs - Share, Preview, Sell
  • Select Sell and you will see a list of cover types available for the book
  • Select the first of these
  • And you will see where you set your profit and thus the price (and the paper type, etc.).
  • Then click Sell At This Price.
  • You need to do this for each cover type you want to make the book available, or if you do not want (for instance) to make a hard cover version available select the Don't Sell This Format button



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Went through these steps and those three tabs never appear in order to set my price, and yes I'm already signed up for "set your price". I too have been going round in circles.

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If you're having trouble signing up for our Set Your Price program or adding a profit to your book, please contact our customer support team so we can get you squared away.

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