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Discounting Tiers & Shipping

I see that you offer a decent discount every 4-6 weeks up to 40%. It would be nice if you would consider offering a discount based on spending. For example, starting Jan 1 onwards, add spending and when it reaches $250, get a 5% discount. $500-1,000 7.5%, $1,000-$1,500 10%. plus free economy shipping.
Another suggestion - if someone pays $100/year to join the 'Blurb Premium' Membership, they get 2-day shipping free.
I imagine you folks ship at least a plane's worth of books daily and get fantastic pricing from your shipping services. Right now, the perception is that while you keep your book prices modest, you make up for it via 'handling' charges that are included in shipping charges and as a result, your books cost the same as any place else. If you can provide value to your consistent/steady Customers, you will make them feel valued.

Deval Pino Shah

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