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Would have been better off saving my preview than buying the PDF...

I decided it would be nice to have a "professional" PDF of my book as well as the physical copy, so I paid the $5 for it. What I got is....frustrating. Starting with the cover, for instance: during Preflight, while using the InDesign Blurb plugin to preview my book before uploading, I was able to see everything working just as it should; in the PAID FOR PDF, however, text that is WITHIN the so-called "safe art" boundary is cut-off at the edge.

In short, I have a BETTER PDF created during the upload preflight process that I was able to simply save a copy of that, when compared to the one I PAID for, (and PDF sales CANNOT be cancelled....) is of significantly higher quality.

This is particularly frustrating because otherwise, the Blurb InDesign plugin created a very nice looking book that adhered to all of the design choices I made - or at least, the preview made it appear that this was the case. Should this be a problem once I receive my actual Image-Wrapped physical book, then Blurb will have completely let me down (instead of just partially).

TLDR; if you've got a PDF preview of your book that you're happy with, save it and uncheck the PDF box when you go to check out - the downloadable version may well have errors that are in no way your (the author's) fault.

My suggestion to Blurb is that you review this issue and fix it, because you're currently charging $4.99 for something INFERIOR to that which gets locally created AUTOMATICALLY, for FREE, and with HIGHER QUALITY, when using the InDesign plugin.....if it weren't for this, I would have nothing but glowing things to say about the plugin and Blurb itself.

Drew Rushmer

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Hi Drew - Sorry to hear about the problem with your PDF. We've opened a support ticket and someone from our Order support team will contact you shortly. 

Veronica T. 1 vote

Thank you for your reply, Veronica.

I have since posting this received this physical copy, and I can say without a doubt that I am %100 satisfied with it - it came out exactly the way I created it in InDesign, which I'm sure took no small amount of work on your end.  In this regard, your service is excellent.  

Drew Rushmer 0 votes

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