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What's going on?

I have been having an issue with Blurb. I submitted a book, paid, it was set to go, then they cancelled it due to an error in the file. I never got a full refund of my order. Then I wrote a post about it and it has not appeared on this thread. Do they censor everything so nothing negative could ever get said? I wish these crooks would just me my money and/or books. I am questioning how reputable this company is, the customer service has been the worst I have ever experience in my life.


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Hi there! We're so sorry your experience wasn't as good as you had hoped and we apologize for this. The fastest way to address any concerns is by opening a support ticket to work with our Customer Support representatives directly. I see that our Customer Support Manager has been in touch with you the resolve this. She will be your best contact in finding the best solution. 

Veronica T. 1 vote

I am having the worst experience with Blurb this year ever!  Ordered books on December 08, should have by Christmas, it was 6 Christmas presents.  As of today January 04, 2017 still do not have and do not know where are they.  Customer services is the big lairs, they saying one things - doing another.  Do not ever order from them, go to Costco or other company!  They are not reliable, they are not customers- friendly, and they are not willing to accommodate you in any way.  I was asking for discount - NO, we are not providing, I was asking to somehow to compensate me for their screw-up - I am sorry we can not do anything.

Customer service is awful!  Company is bad!  This is not reputable company and services is very bad

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