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Generally happy with my first experience, but have a few suggestions

1)The yellow triangle in the upper left corner indicating a resolution (or other) issue - needs to stand out much more. The size of the warning is too small and I sadly missed a few.
2) The warning I received when I was ready to "publish" told me I had a few resolution errors, and then even asked if I wanted to go see them (which I did). But it seemed to only take me to the last resolution error, and not all of them, and then when I thought I was "done" and was ready to "publish" again, I did not get another warning - which made me assume the issues had all been resolved. Is there a way to take me to all the issues? to keep warning me if issues are still pending? and to list the specifics of where (which pages) all the issues are?
3) Add a spell check! please!!!!!!


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