Does Blurb hire freelancers on sites like Freelancer and Upwork?

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Blurb Inc does NOT hire freelance translators, editors, or any other workers through external websites (, Upwork, etc). If you receive an offer for translation or other work from someone claiming to represent Blurb and asking you for a deposit, it is a scam. The person contacting you does NOT represent Blurb.


Anyone claiming to represent Blurb over these platforms is a scammer. They will ask you for a deposit and steal your money or hack into your bank account.


The scammers may use the following names: Sonia Lamster, Joseph Madison, Reijnen, Joshua Susan, Clifton Geiger, Julia Hawk, Julia Hawkins, Gregory Wingerter, Kristine Clyde, or Bob Rees.


If you're contacted by someone who claims to represent Blurb and offers you such work do not give them money. It's a scam. Please report them to the job site's support team immediately.

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