Change your Blurb account profile photo and other public profile information

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If you'd like to change the photo for your Blurb account please follow the steps below. If you want to revert to the default profile photo please download the file avatar.png that's attached to this article first.

1. Sign in to your Blurb account.

2. Go to

3. Look for the Add Your Photo section. It should display the words No file chosen (even if you already have an uploaded profile photo).

4. Click Choose File.

4. Select a JPG or PNG image from your computer. 

5. Look at the Add Your Photo section again. You should now see the name of the file you just selected instead of No file chosen.

6. Make any other desired changes to your profile.

7. IMPORTANT: scroll down and click SAVE to apply your changes.

Your profile photo and any details you added to the profile page above will now be visible to the public.

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