How to read your MagCloud payment history

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This article will help MagCloud authors calculate their annual earnings, particularly for tax purposes and 1099 purposes. Log in to your MagCloud account to check your payment history.

Important 1099 payee info

Your 1099 will show the Payer name of our parent company, Reischling Press Inc (RPI), rather than MagCloud. So if you've received a 1099 from RPI it's for your MagCloud (or Blurb) profits. 

Who gets a 1099?

MagCloud/RPI will only issue you a 1099 if you earned $600 or more in the calendar year and checked one of the boxes indicating you're a US citizen, US resident, or US business owner. Also see Calculate your Annual Earnings below.

And if you're selling on both Blurb and MagCloud, using the same SSN or tax ID, we'll combine your earnings from both platforms to determine if you reached the $600 threshold.

Viewing your profit payments

1. Log in to your your MagCloud account.

2. Go to the Sales Statistics page:

3. Click Payment History.

4. You'll now see a list of payout transactions. These are your author earnings (and any referral fees)

  • Each payout transaction has a date to its right, and that's the date the payment was sent to you. On the same line you'll see the Paypal account the payment was sent to (blurred below for privacy).



Calculate your annual earnings

To calculate your earnings for a specific year, simply add up the payments in your Payment History for each month of that year. 

Here's a sample showing all 2020 earnings from this page of results:

Remember to check any additional pages of results/payments for that year:


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