Who is Reischling Press Inc (RPI)?

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Reischling Press Incorporated (RPI) is Blurb and MagCloud's parent company as of August 2020. If you received a 1099 from RPI, it's for your Blurb or MagCloud profit payments between August 1st 2020 and December 31st, 2020.

Note that if you were paid $600 or more between January 1st through July 31st of 2020 you will also receive an additional 1099 from Blurb, Inc, with Blurb's name and San Francisco return address. That's because the "old" Blurb Inc was technically a separate company from the "new" Blurb under RPI ownership, and each company must issue their own 1099 when earnings reach $600 or more. 

Payments sent between Jan 1st 2020 and July 31st 2020 were made by Blurb, Inc while payments sent between August 1st and onwards were made by RPI.

If you have any concerns about your 1099 please get in touch. You may also find these links handy:

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