Need to send us photos?

Did our customer support team ask you to send photos of the problem in your printed book? If one of your concerns is that your images printed too dark, or that the color is off, please do the following. This will ensure we can make a fair analysis of how it printed.

1. Place the printed book in good natural light. Outdoors or next to a window is best. (Indoor lighting can make colors in the printed book seem different than they really are).
2. Open the book to the page that you're concerned about. Place a white sheet next to that page of the book. (You can use the packing slip that came with the book). The white sheet acts as our reference for color and brightness while reviewing your photos. 
3. Using your smartphone or camera, take a photo showing the entire page (or cover) of the printed book and at least part of the white sheet. See examples below.

  • Repeat that for one or two more problem pages, if needed. In total, one photo each of 2 or 3 problem pages will be enough.

4. Review your photos to make sure things are in focus and well-lit. You should be able to see the entire printed page/cover plus some of the white sheet.

5. If everything looks good, send the photos to us as original-size attachments in your reply. Don't scale them down.

  • Be sure to tell us the page numbers that you've photographed so we can find those pages in the uploaded book.

Here are a few examples of helpful photos. They show the entire printed page, plus some of the white sheet, are in focus and taken in good natural light.





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