Does Blurb offer A4 or A5 sizes?

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None of Blurb's book sizes exactly match A4, A5 or the other international paper sizes. Use the chart below to see the closest corresponding formats. 

  • Some of the Blurb format sizes below are rounded for marketing purposes. See our Book Dimensions page for the exact dimensions.
  • If you plan to order multiple copies of a new book you should always order and review a single proof copy first. That way you can see the printed and trimmed book before you place the larger order.
International sizes  Closest Blurb format

11.75x16.5 in
29.7x42 cm


8.25x11.75 in
21x29.7 cm

Trade 8x10
8x10 in
20x25 cm

8.5x11 in
21.6 x28 cm

5.8x8.25 in
14.8x21 cm

Trade 5x8
5x8 in
13x20 cm

Trade 6x9
6x9 in
15x23 cm


4.12x5.85 in
10.5x14.8 cm



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