The Blurb Photoshop Plugin for Wall Art

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This article explains how to install and use the Blurb Photoshop Plugin for Wall Art

What is the Blurb Photoshop Plugin for Wall Art?

The plugin allows Photoshop users to create Blurb Wall Art products directly in Photoshop. 

What's required?

You must have the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud and a copy of Photoshop version 22.0 or higher. You must also then install the Blurb Wall Art Creator plugin

Using the plugin

1. After you've installed the Wall Art Creator plugin, open Photoshop.

2. Go to Plugins and choose Blurb Wall Art Creator to open the plugin.

3. Click Create New Project.

4. Give your project a title then choose a material and size from our wall art options.

5. Click Create Template. You can now begin designing your wall art. You may use  Photoshop's tools to add and edit images, text, backgrounds and more.

6. When you're finished, carefully check your work against the bleed and safe areas as detailed below.

7. If everything looks good re-open the Blurb Wall Art Creator and click Upload to upload your project to your Blurb account.

Safe zones and other guides

Bleed Area

Be sure your image or background color reaches to the outer edges of the yellow bleed area (past the visible area). If you don't fully cover each of the four bleed edges you may have unwanted white or uncolored stripes along the edges. 

Safe Area

Keep important content (such as text or people's faces) within the shaded Safe Art Area to ensure it doesn't get folded over or trimmed off. 

Visible Area

The Visible Area indicates the area between the Safe Art Area and the approximate line where the wall art is folded (for canvas) or where the metal or acrylic ends. The Visible Area will print (and, as the name implies, be visible in the printed wall art). But because it's close to the edge you should keep important content out of the Visible Area. 

Canvas Wrap Area

The four Canvas Wrap sections indicate the sides of the canvas. These are 1.5 inches (about 38mm) thick. You can design within the Canvas Wrap area. Just be aware the Wrap Area content will appear on the sides--not the front--of your canvas wall art.

Don't modify the instructions layer

There's a locked layer titled DO NOT RENAME! Non-printing Blurb instructions. This layer contains information and instructions, as well as the bleed, visible and safe areas mentioned above.

  • Don't rename, unlock, or add content to this non-printing layer.
  • If you add your content to this layer that content will not print. Put your wall art  content in its own layer.
  • However, you can move the layer up/bring it forward if you'd like to check the position of your content against the Bleed, Safe Art, and Canvas Wrap areas, as in this example:


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