Print Safe Areas for Wall Art

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Show or hide the print safe area

You can show or hide the print safe area in BookWright using CMD+T (Mac), Ctrl+T (Windows), or View > Show Trim Area or by clicking the trim guide icon near the top of the page.

How to use the print safe area

The print safe area is turned on by default in BookWright. The safe area can help you position your content so important parts of your photo or text aren't trimmed off unexpectedly.

Below is the red dotted trim line and a pink shaded area in all three wall art formats. Keep important content out of this pink area.










Trim guide details

The red dotted trim line represents approximately where your print will be trimmed if it is a metal format, or folded if it is a canvas format. You won't see a red dotted trim line for acrylic formats.

There may be slight variances in trimming or folding so the actual edge of the print may be slightly above or below the red dotted line.

The pink shaded area shows the safe area. Keep important content (such as text or tops of heads) OUT of the pink shaded area. If you're making metal or acrylic wall art, using the pink safe area will help you prevent content from being trimmed off. If you're making wall art in our canvas format, using the pink safe area will help you avoid content being folded over the edge of the frame.

 When can you ignore trim guides?

Only if using a full bleed image where you have an image or background completely covering the print. In that case, make sure the edges of your image (or background color) reach the edges of the print, where the outer edge of the pink safe area ends. Don't leave any uncovered edges or else you'll end up with a white border along that edge. For more information, see our article on using full bleed images in Wall Art projects in BookWright


Details of the pink shaded area

This is a print in BookWright with the trim area turned on. Note the pink shaded area. Keep important content, such as text and faces out of this area.



In the example below, text is safely out of the pink shaded area. This is good as it won't be cut off.



The text below is placed in the pink shaded area. This is bad as the text may be trimmed off.


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